15. Juju Bae on Being a Healer, Hoodoo Practitioner + Medium who Sees Dead People

Juju Bae, is a proud, Black millennial woman from Baltimore, Maryland with ancestral roots in West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama.

A spiritual advisor, medium, cunty-conjurer, hoodoo practitioner, artist, and BAE, she believes liberation is attainable with the support of our ancestors leading the way. Juju Bae is an advocate for Black (brown and indigenous) folks returning to our ancestral ways of living, thriving and being in community — through herbs, with Spirit and gathered together.

Juju is the host of A Little Juju Podcast and founder of Juju Bae—your favorite internet resource for all things Black Ass Spirituality. It is in her destiny to support and love on Black people to help us all tap into our own innate powers to successfully manifest our own realities.

Juju is a proud graduate of Spelman College with a BS in Psychology.

Connect with Juju Bae online:

Juju Bae

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A Little Juju Podcasthttps://www.itsjujubae.com/podcast

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