14. Rev. YaNi Davis on Miracles + a Liberatory, Healing Christianity Where All Are Welcome

Rev. Iyana “YaNi” Davis has always been passionate about the impact of words, storytelling and truth-telling  and the healing nature of writing and sharing. She believes firmly in our power as storytellers and sets this example everyday of her life. YaNi exemplifies authenticity and integrity in her life and work by “leading the people in love.”

YaNi has been a featured speaker, preacher and teaching-artist around the United States, throughout Europe and Asia. YaNi uses her words wisely as a hip hop artist, inspiring speaker, effective educator, profound poet, modern day prophet and griot. She has shared the stage with top performers, theologians, creatives, and healers around the world, an honor that she does not take lightly.

YaNi has spoken in venues from University settings, to churches, coffee shops and clubs as her message is one for everyone invested in growing in the peaceful expressions of communalism, faith, wholeness and love. 

During this conversation, YaNi shares her wisdom on:

Connect with YaNi online:
YaNi Davis

My Supra Natural Life —  www.MySupaNaturalLife.com

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